PaschimPilak (Lat 23° 27’ N; Long. 91° 36’ E)
Airport: Agartala; Railway Station:Kumarghat; Bus Station: Udaipur

The site is situated in the western part of PaschimPilak, South Tripura District and is important because of the Hindu structures and sculptures found in the complex. It is about 17 Km from District headquarters Udaipur; 91 Km from State capital Agartala. The complete plan of the brick built temples were exposed after four seasons of excavations reported and published in Indian Archaeological Review 1984 – 85, 1998 – 99, 1999 – 00, 2000 – 01. Nine brick built small temples using mud mortar were revealed, out of which two are rectangular in plan and the rest are square in plan. Among the shrines, one shrine in the north-eastern side is possibly partly destroyed or unfinished. A colossal image of Surya was found installed within the western most temple structure measuring 5.40m X 5.20m. The image of Surya is shown in standing posture holds lotuses as usual in both the hands. A circular sandstone pitha(1.50m in circumference) with square socket and a miniature votive lingam made of crystal found within another small shrine of the complex is noteworthy. Quartz siva- lingafixed in a sandstone yonipithais also found in the north-eastern corner of the complex. The antiquities found in the excavations comprises of fragments of iron, copper, and ceramic artefacts. Ceramic assemblage includes a few featureless potsherds of dull red ware, red ware, red-slipped ware, buff ware of wheel made variety having medium to coarse fabric. The common shapes are bowls, miniature pots, handi, vase, and dish etc. The shrine may be dated to circa 13th century A.D. based on the style of the Surya image. A few mutilated stone sculptures of later period are found near the site.

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