RADHAKISHOREPUR (Lat 23° 31’ N; Long. 91° 9’ E)
Airport: Agartala; Railway Station: Kumarghat; Bus Station: Udaipur.

In the east of Radha kishorepur (Udaipur) on the way from Mahadev Barito Badar Mokam, there lie three brick temples adjacent to each other commonly known as ‘Gunabati Mandir Gucchha’ (Gunabati Group of Temples).

The temple in the northern complex bearsaninscription which narrates that the temple was built by queen Gunavati, wife of Govinda Manikya (AD1668-69), in Saka 1590, corresponding to 1668A. D. and was dedicated to God Vishnu. The temple is square on plan and attached to antarala (vestibule). The main shrine is semi-circular in planand an taralais rectangular in plan. The other two temples have no date dinscription. They are also similar in planand architectural features. Based on the style it appearstobe contemporary of Gunavatitemple.

The architectural style of the ancient Tripura temples bears the pan-Indian traits as simil at edinanew style of terracottachalat emples withvotivest up afinials.These temples architecture area lmost like other contemporary temples ofT ripura except that these have their vestibuledevoid of hemispherical and aonthe roof.The templesare covered by tetradslanting roof with finial resembling votivestupa /hemispherical and aonthe chamber. The hemispherical and aissurmounted byamalaka almost like a small pitcher / ghanta beautifully crafted like lotus. There are tapering buttresses which are attached to the corners of the temple.The temple’swall sonall sides are decorated with line arsegment. The western most temples are smallest in size among them.The temple in the middle is slightly bigger and the eastern most temples are relatively bigger than the other two. Not much difference in the architecture is apparent between the three.

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